Everyone needs online marketing

American Paintbrush started with a good old paintbrush, hence the name, and hand crafted every sign for our clients over thirty years ago! Since, the world has changed and marketing tactics have drastically shifted to the online world. Talk to us about how we can build or fill the gaps on your existing efforts.


Combine your services

You came in for sign and maybe a logo. . . but that is just the beginning of growing your business. We combine all these products and services in an attempt to get you back to doing what you started. Running your business.

We will help grow your business online

Online marketing is highly competitive and an experienced marketing provider is the best way to give yourself a competitive edge. You don't have to do it alone. Get back to running your business.

Websites & Hosting

Build beautiful custom websites on the platform of your choice and host it on Google Cloud, the most advanced hosting in the world.

Paid Advertising

Continually build on your SEO, improve your page rankings and watch the profits come in.

Social Media

Post creation, schedule posts and manage them through our AI based posting software and watch your social media skyrocket!

Content Creation

Photography, videography, and writing. The cornerstone to any marketing campaign. Content. We will help manage and produce your projects from start to finish.